June 2014 Movie Report

We’ve just finished the month of June which continued the summer of awesome. It was the month for sequels and sci-fi blockbusters and, some more than others, the month succeeded. So now it’s time for me to say what I thought were the best and worst films of the month and rate each of the films I’ve seen. I haven’t seen every movie released this month, but I’ll go back and edit once I do.



I’ve raved about it for a long time, I’ve seen it twice, and it’s still my favorite film of the summer. “Begin Again” is not just a great comedy about music, but it is a truly honest movie with a great emotional punch that feels tangible and real. The terrific performances by the ensemble cast and the soundtrack that I’ve been listening to ever since it was posted on Spotify are just a couple of the film’s many highlights. Definitely seek it out as it expands within the coming weeks.

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May 2014 Movie Report

The summer movie season has begun and it has started with a bang! Tons of blockbusters hit the screen as well as a couple smaller films that really hit. So I wanna discuss my brief thoughts on the best and worst films of the month as well as a rating and ranking of each one I saw. Keep in mind that there were a few films that I have not seen yet, but I’ll edit the list when I see more. So here we go!



As someone who was never a crazy big fan of the franchise, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” shocked me with it’s complex narrative, strong characters, and such a brilliant balance of the dramatic and the comedic. Filled with powerhouse performances like Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, and stand-out James McAvoy, this is a summer blockbuster that is remarkable on all levels. Continue reading